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Pilogán ® Lotion 2% and 5% - Health Professionals

pilogan minoxidil

Solution Liquid, gel

Androgenetic Alopecia

COMPOSITION: Minoxidil 2 and 5%.

NOTE: topical liquid solution to stop and prevent hair loss. Androgenetic Alopecia.

DOSAGE: Apply minimum 6, maximum 15 sprays in the affected area 2 times a day, every day (the dose day should not exceed 15 sprays 2 ml). Using PILOGAN ® should be continued to maintain the results of treatment, so it is not recommended until use.

Hypersensitivity to minoxidil, pregnancy and lactation.

WARNINGS: Use with caution in patients with hypertension receiving other antihypertensive medication. May cause iatrogenic hypertrichosis especially women and adolescents.

PRESENTATIONS: PILOGAN ® 2% (2 x 1) bottle of 60 ml (Reg. INVIMA 2008M-0008928). PILOGAN ® 5%, 1 bottle of 60 ml (Reg. INVIMA 2011M-014 554-R1).